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Cottonwood Holladay Journal

Five Things You Need to Know in Case of Emergency Webinar

How Water Purification Can Save You and Your Family's Life.

You’re invited to a free, online class to help your family prepare for an emergency! "THE FIVE THINGS YOU MUST KNOW TO PROVIDE YOUR FAMILY WITH SAFE DRINKING WATER IN AN EMERGENCY!" This one-hour FREE ONLINE Class is filled with practical, no-nonsense information about the things you must know to keep your family safe in an emergency. It’s presented by emergency water expert Glenn Meder, who will share solid information on priorities that will keep your family safe and even allow you to help others. The FIVE Things You MUST Know To Provide Your Family with Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency! Thursday, January 18 7 p.m. MST The class is free, but we ask that your register here: Free eBook! When you register, and watch the class, you’ll receive a bonus—the Water in an Emergency eBook. This is a simple, practical guide to water treatment after an emergency that takes you far beyond bottled water. The book also includes the Water Prepper Checklist to help you make sure you're prepared. Register for this Free Class Now:

Date & Time

Every Day!

Jan 18, 2018 through Jan 18, 2018

7:00PM - 8:00PM