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Cottonwood Holladay Journal

Professional Baseball Player Meet & Greet and food drive

Jermaine Curtis of the Louisville Bats - AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds

Jermaine Curtis of the Louisville Bats is coming to Holladay for a free Meet & Greet to give out free autographs and answer any questions the attendees may have. This will be held behind Holladay City Hall at the gazebo. If the gazebo isn't available then it will be in the field next to the gazebo. . Boy Scout Troop 384 of Holladay is assisting with the food drive portion of this event. A donation of a can of food is appreciated but admission is not contingent on donations. BACKGROUND: Jermaine choose to come to the Salt Lake area as part of his outreach to mentor youth. "About a year ago, I found out that Billions in funding has been cut from school athletic programs in recent years and its estimated that nearly a quarter of all U.S. public high schools will not have any sports programs by 2020. I was shocked that I hadn't heard anything about it nor did my teammates when I asked them. That's when I decided to take action because sports, and particularly baseball, has given me everything I have to this day. Baseball has allowed me to find love. Baseball has allowed me to travel, learn Spanish, have friends all over the world. Baseball is the reason I am going to have the chance to speak to you and those in salt lake city. Sports kept me away from trouble and on a straight line to my dreams. Sports has also taught me many life lessons such as not accepting failure, having discipline, working with a team, hard work ethic, and what it feels like to succeed. All these things I have learned at a very young age that now it's practically in my DNA. The reason I am reaching out and connecting is to raise awareness about helping to save sports and the other is to inspire kids to go for their dreams. In all, this has allowed me to grow my fan club, to keep connection with them and allow me to help Mentor them from far away." Coming to the Salt Lake area is his way of giving back and plans to do more events in the future if the turn out for this event is big enough. All questions regarding the event can be directed to Aaron Smith at