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Auggie's Doggie Adventures- Creating Happy Dogs One Adventure At A Time

Auggie's Doggie Adventures was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing exercise and socialization as well as offer training opportunities to dogs and their owners in the Salt Lake Valley. Most dog breeds require more exercise than they receive on a leash walk around the block or play time in the dog park. Dogs are natural pack animals and need to run free playing and socializing. My service is for those that have busy schedules or who are physically unable to always provide the exercise their dogs require.

Originally from the Midwest I have been in Utah 13 years. Little did I know that a degree from Southeast Missouri State University in Horticulture and Agronomy would be what helped me find my passion for animals and the outdoors. I couldn't find a better way to mix the two.

I am an experienced dog handler with over 10 years of experience handling large groups of dogs off leash. I provide strong positive reinforced leadership that every dog responds too. If I have a dog that will not respond to my commands they adventure on leash until they do. I love dogs and I have an excellent understanding of K9 behavior. I promise to provide your K9 friend a worry free adventure no matter the size of the group. Everyone has a blast and returns to you tired... guaranteed!

I place great value on the mental, physical and emotional benefit of owning a dog. Dogs are wired to follow our lead when we provide clear, positive leadership. Establishing this proper relationship with our dogs, we are able to fully enjoy one of the most rewarding relationships we will have in our lives.

By using my services you will see a difference in behavior allowing your dog to focus on being a better citizen to you and their community.

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