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Dan's Review: "Our Brand Is Crisis" misses as political satire

Nov 06, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Sandra Bullock stars as a political consultant trying to get an unpopular man elected as president of Bolivia.

Dan's Review: "Steve Jobs" takes a bite out of a genius

Nov 06, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Michael Fassbender plays the title character in Steve Jobs, a film about the man who created the Apple computer empire.

Dan's Review: "Scouts Guide" lacks brains

Oct 29, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Tye Sheridan leads a cast of young men trying to use their scouting skills to save the world in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Dan's Review: "The Walk" a beautiful WTC tribute

Oct 22, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt portrays Philippe Petit, the French artist who tried to walk a tightrope between the World Trade Center towers in 1974 in The Walk.

Dan's Review: "Bridge of Spies" a great historical drama

Oct 16, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Tom Hanks stars as a lawyer caught up in the tense world of espionage at the height of the Cold War.

Dan's Review: "Just Let Go" just misses emotional punch

Oct 08, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Henry Ian Cusick plays a man whose family is shattered by a drunk driver, yet finds forgiveness in his heart.

Dan's Review: De Niro getting soft in "The Intern"

Oct 08, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway star in The Intern, another sweet, romantic story from writer/director Nancy Meyers.

Dan's Review: "The Martian" one of the best films of the year

Oct 04, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Matt Damon stars as a marooned astronaut in The Martian.

Dan's Review: Despite unpleasant subject, "Sicario" is a well-crafted film

Oct 04, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Emily Blunt stars as an FBI agent who joins a secret task force in the war on drugs.

Dan's Review: Depp makes "Black Mass" worth seeing

Sep 21, 2015 ● By Dan Metcalf

Johnny Depp is excellent in his portrayal of the ruthless killer Whitey Bulger in Black Mass.
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