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Dan's Review: "Loving" finds beauty in simplicity

Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga star in Loving, the true story of the couple who challenged the prohibition on interracial marriage during the struggle for civil rights.

Dan's Review: "Allied" looks better than it is

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard star in Allied, the story of two spies who fall in love during World War II. Could one of them be a double agent?

Dan's Review: "Nocturnal Animals" offers bleak look at humanity

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal star in Nocturnal Animals, a film adaptation based on Austin Wright's Tony and Susan novel.

Dan's Review: Rowling's "Fantastic Beasts" a welcome reentry into the magical world

Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston and Dan Fogler star in J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a prequel to the Harry Potter series.

Dan's Review: "Bleed For This" lands a few good punches

Miles Teller and Aaron Eckhart star in Bleed For This, the true story of Vincent Pazienza, a boxer who overcame extreme odds to re-enter the ring after a devastating car crash.

Dan's Review: "The Edge of Seventeen" recaptures spirit of John Hughes

Hailee Steinfeld and Woody Harrelson star in The Edge of Seventeen, an adolescent comedy/drama about the awkwardness of growing up.

Dan's Review: "Arrival" provides a grand, yet simple truth

Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner star in Arrival, the story of a linguist who must try to communicate with aliens who land several space ships on Earth.

Dan's Review: "Doctor Strange" a welcome addition to the Marvel Universe

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Stephen Strange, a man who learns to use mythical powers to control time and defeat unseen forces.

Dan's Review: Despite Mel Gibson's heavy-handed direction, "Hacksaw Ridge" worth seeing

Andrew Garfield stars in Hacksaw Ridge, the true story of a U.S. Army medic who refused to pick up a gun during World War II.

Dan's Review: It's okay to sing and dance with "Trolls"

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake voice the main characters in Trolls, a fun musical animated feature about those funny-looking dolls.
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