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President Boyd K Packer- Many Send Condolences

By Bryan Scott, Jul 06, 2015, Categories: News

The Journals have received a number of press releases and emails to offer thoughts, prayers and condolences.

Me And My Shadow

By Peri Kinder, Jun 26, 2015, Categories: Arts+Entertainment

At 2, I wasn’t even sure what a “sister” was, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. Once I realized she would be sticking around for a while, I decided to punish my mom and dad for trying to replace me with this whining little monster.

Help Make July Safe For Our Furry Friends

By Carol Hendrycks, Jun 05, 2015, Categories: News, Today

While we celebrate summer holidays with fireworks displays, our furry friends do not share our excitement.

Statewide Bills Passed Into Law On May 12

By Lewi Lewis, Jun 05, 2015, Categories: News, Today

On May 12 Utah actualized nearly 500 new laws that span the legislative panoramic, with everything from seat belts to a law that reclaims Utah’s status as the only state with the firing squad as a legal way to execute.

Appreciation And Admiration For Local UPD Detective

By Carol Hendrycks, Jun 05, 2015, Categories: News, Today

Watkins has served a total of 18 years in law enforcement, including in Tooele, with Draper City for Salt Lake County’s Sherriff’s Office and in Riverton and Herriman with their narcotics unit. He is also a local resident, having grown up in the area and graduated from Cottonwood High School.

Skyline High School Swim Team 2014-2015

By City Journals Staff, Jun 05, 2015, Categories: Sports, Today

Between team tryouts in early October and the state finals in February, these kids swam four hours a day during the week and two hours on Saturday mornings. That’s nearly 400 hours per swimmer and more than 30,000 hours in the pool in 18 weeks! And these kids don’t just swim!

Cottonwood Colts Baseball 2015 Year Ends

By Lewi Lewis, Jun 05, 2015, Categories: Sports, Today

“I am not one to dwell on the past,” Crawford said. “The team had a great year and created their own identity.”

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